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“IAM 360 has given me a great opportunity to not only study but to play football at a high level. The team has always been there, answering all of my questions and helping out in numerous ways. I am very excited about going to the US"

Jeremy Hanke

NSR Athlete

The IAM 360 Parents group allows the parents of IAM 360 athletes to communicate freely with each other. They ask questions, set up coffee dates and interact on a personal level.


What the parents and athletes say about IAM 360

“Our Youngest son left for Kansas last week and we have been struggling with him gone. Its therapeutic to read other parents posts and responses. We don't feel as alone”


Kellie Loui

NSR Parent

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Parents share photos of their kids competing and enjoying College

Want to see what other Parents and Athletes have to say? 

"My son is doing better in school and is now more committed to football than ever before. The IAM 360 program has changed my sons life"


“My highlight so far was to be able to play for one of the best Division II schools in America. We are ranked nationally and we are in one of the more competitive conferences in the NCAA DII"


Gavin Deyzel

NSR Parent

Gavin Gillies

NSR Athlete

Parents set up coffee and lunch dates with one another across Australia

You become freinds with your roomates pretty quickly after arriving on campus

It can be pretty tough for parents to let go of their kids. It doesnt get any easier the second time around. However, the experiences had are invaluable

A very exciting time in the life of an IAM 360 student athlete. Departing.

Parents use their son or daughters opportunity as an excuse to travel the beautiful USA. Why wouldn't they.

A goodbye doesn't get easier even after 4 years of saying it

Its standard procedure to take a picture in front of the school sign after arriving on campus for the first time.

Everyone has their own unique experience. However, all are amazing

Your team mates very quickly become your family

Your first year will always be your most memorable

Your first roommate in college will soon become your closest friend

The facilities you have access to  are second to none as a student athlete

Parents are extremely proud of their children. It is very hard to let them move to the other side of the world but the experiences, the development and growth our student athletes receive from their journey are worth more than anything. Its great to see so many amazing stories from parents and their kids whether they be in their first, second, third and fourth year of College

IAM 360 Athletes and parents stay in constant contact with us. We receive updates daily on tournament results, match results, what the athletes are doing and where they are travelling. As you see here, your 'kids' soon become 'adults' doing their own laundry, washing their own dishes, even learning to cook for themselves. Yes folks you read that correctly. They can function as adults. 

Proud dad Brian from Newcastle, Australia shares some photos of his son arriving on campus at Iowa Wesleyan University. The entire family went across the ditch to help Dylan settle in for his first year of college.  

6 IAM 360 Rugby athletes have been dominating for the Iowa Central Tritons. Iowa Central is a small Junior College in Fort Dodge, Iowa in the Midwest. We receive constant updates from College coaches on our departed college athletes.

Some athletes head over on their own and some travel with family. the choice is yours

Colleges welcome international student athletes with open arms. They love to create a diverse student body.

The housing department prepare in advance for new arrivals

You will make your dorm room as homely as possible. Aussie or NZ flag is necessary.

After spending four years living, eating, training, and travelling together, you become one big family

Join the best amateur athletes in the world

Sometimes you meet someone a little more special. I guarantee he wont be coming home anytime soon

There will be challenging times. Your ability to overcome setbacks will improve in this environment

You will win some games in dramatic fashion, others you will lose. You work for eacth other

Golfers have access to some unbelievable courses. Where else would you want to be?

Some are a little more happy to say bye to mum and dad than others

About to embark on the journey of a lifetime

You also have time to get involved more, with various on campus activities

Standard sign and dorm room photos. You just have to do it. Make your friends back home jealous

Sometimes you play a role in which you thought you never would. As an athlete, you grow.

No matter the sport, division, location, you always have access to awesome facilities

You may take on a leadership role in your freshman year

The whole family will miss you. They will however be incredibly proud

Compete against the best and become the best. You improve daily.

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